Newly Unearthed Treasures: Explore Our Latest Additions!

At Rare Earth Mercantile, each piece is a celebration of Earth's artistry. Explore our showcase and bring home a piece of nature's elegance. Your space deserves the extraordinary.

Our latest additions are set to transform your space with elegance and mystique. Let's dive into the spotlight on some extraordinary pieces:

Grey Onyx Lidded Box:
Elevate your decor with the sophistication of grey onyx. This lidded box is not just a storage solution; it's a work of art. The grey tones and exquisite craftsmanship make it a timeless addition to any setting.

    Ruby Fuchsite Sphere:
    Immerse yourself in the captivating energy of the Ruby Fuchsite Sphere. This mesmerizing piece blends the boldness of ruby with the calming hues of fuchsite, creating a harmonious balance that makes it both a visual delight and a unique spiritual companion.

      Indonesian Crazy Lace Agate Slab:
      Nature's artwork takes center stage with the Indonesian Crazy Lace Agate Slab. Each swirl and pattern tells a story of geological artistry. Transform your space with this captivating slab, perfect for adding a touch of nature's beauty to your surroundings.

        Indonesian Pacific Blue Agate Slab:
        Dive into the serene beauty of the Indonesian Pacific Blue Agate Slab. The calming blue hues and intricate patterns make this slab a statement piece. Use it as a tabletop accent or let it stand alone as a natural masterpiece.

          Indonesian Fossil Coral Slab:
          Embrace the ancient allure of the Indonesian Fossil Coral Slab. This unique piece carries the echoes of prehistoric life, adding a touch of history to your decor. Display it proudly to celebrate the beauty of Earth's evolution.

            Rainbow Amethyst Geode:
            Experience the enchantment of the Rainbow Amethyst Geode. Radiating with vibrant colors, this geode is a testament to the wonders of natural crystal formations. Place it in any room for a pop of color and positive energy.

              Crazy Lace Agate Slab:
              Unveil the dynamic patterns of the Crazy Lace Agate Slab. The intricate lines and vibrant colors make it a versatile piece for both contemporary and classic settings. Let the beauty of nature become a focal point in your home.

                Purple Agate Lidded Glass Dish:
                Indulge in the allure of the Purple Agate Lidded Glass Dish. The combination of purple agate and glass creates a stunning visual effect. Use it to showcase trinkets or simply let it shine as a standalone decorative piece.

                  Rustic Obsidian Point:
                  Make a statement with the Rustic Obsidian Point. The raw beauty of obsidian is captured in this pointed masterpiece. Whether displayed on its own or as part of a curated collection, this piece is a testament to the power of natural elements.

                    Ready to make these treasures yours? Shop now and embrace the rare beauty that awaits you. 


                    Disclaimer: Due to the unique nature of natural stone products, variations in color, pattern, and texture are normal and add to the beauty of each piece.